Dorothy Weil

Love and Terror

Novel, 2014, Love and Terror. The story of a woman and her family in crisis. Three generations work together to save the life of a man desperately ill. Husband, father, son, he is a vital part of them all. In coming together, the family members, led by Judith, the central character, experience old love and terror, current loves and hates, and find new aspects of one another. Everyone shifts to fresh patterns in their lives as a surprise ending winds up the family's intimate year of facing death-- and finding both love and terror in the interaction of these supposed opposites.

Selected Works

Story of a woman and her family working together to save a brilliant man who is near madness and death.
A serious literary novel about an eighty-five year old couple who are threatened by the husband's serious illness and a pair of hoodlums from their deteriorating neighborhood. "A Good Woman" is not just a good novel, it's one that delivers a punch readers are not likely to have felt before--Ceil Cleveland, founding editor of "Columbia Magazine."
Family Memoir
A return to the authorís river home to recapture her familyís history.
Mystery Thriller
"A crackling good yarn" --James E. Casto, author of Towboats on the Ohio
Humorous yet poignant story of a fifteen-year- old girl trying her best to grow up.
Laura Hoffman returns to college to finish a degree in the Art Department. She copes with eccentric professors, a recalcitrant husband, growing children and a super-neat mother. Her adventures include a pass by The Faculty Feeler and a flirtation with a younger man.